Who We Are

Sudanese Children Heart Society is a charity group (Nongovernmental Organization) established in May 2012 and registered at the Sudanese Ministry of Social Affairs (Registration number 3482).

General Objective

Supporting children with heart disease and their families, Recruiting social and financial help to children with heart disease and help establishing services for children with heart disease in Sudan.

How Can We Help

Patients support group, Consultations from abroad, Share with families & Education of physicians and public

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Successful medical camp in North Kordofan

Sponsored by North Kordofan State Governer and in collaboration with Kordofan University  SCHS conducted a successful campaign  under the titleskh 2
No Rheumtic Heart Disease in Kordofan
Led by Dr.Sara Domi 3300 people were screened by hand held echo. Strikingly high numbers of patients were found and treatment and prophylaxis were initiated. Health workers were trained and public awareness sessions carried out covering thousands of people.







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