Who We Are

Sudanese Children Heart Society is a charity group (Nongovernmental Organization) established in May 2012 and registered at the Sudanese Ministry of Social Affairs (Registration number 3482).

General Objective

Supporting children with heart disease and their families, Recruiting social and financial help to children with heart disease and help establishing services for children with heart disease in Sudan.

How Can We Help

Patients support group, Consultations from abroad, Share with families & Education of physicians and public

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Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship News

Graduation of Batch 4: April 2018
PH1Dr.Sara Domi (first to left)
Dr.Tajudeen Bushari (second to right)
Dr.Abdelrahman Elhassan (first to right)
External examiner: Dr.Omer Al Tamimi
Internal Examinor: Dr.Laila Elmahdi
Program Director: Prof Sulafa Ali







Graduation of Batch 5: Nov 2018
PH2Dr.Noha Karadawi
Dr.Hasan Awadalla








Dr.Noha Karadawi (middle in red), Dr.Hasan Awadalla (3rd from left).










Dr.Noha was awarded the: Best Academic and Professional Performance Prize


Graduation of Bath 6: October 2019
PH4Dr.Intisar Ibrahim (first to the left)
Dr.Rihab Ahmed (first to the right)
Dr.Mahir Al Bagir (3rd to the right)
External Examiner: Dr.Mansour Al Murairi
Internal Examiners: Dr.Mohamed Al Amin
Dr.Laila El Madi
Program Director: Prof Sulafa Ali

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