Who We Are

Sudanese Children Heart Society is a charity group (Nongovernmental Organization) established in May 2012 and registered at the Sudanese Ministry of Social Affairs (Registration number 3482).

General Objective

Supporting children with heart disease and their families, Recruiting social and financial help to children with heart disease and help establishing services for children with heart disease in Sudan.

How Can We Help

Patients support group, Consultations from abroad, Share with families & Education of physicians and public

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Real Stories

A 3 year old with Rheumatic Heart disease

It is known that RHD occurs in children age 5-15 years. In Sudan RHD is a real problem. We recently had a child 4 years of age with history of joint pain and swelling for 1 year followed by shortness of breathing. Now she has severe affection of her heart (mitral valve regurgitation). Such a sad story as the only option is surgical repair which is technically challenging open heart surgey, or even worse, to replace the valve with mechanical one. This means she has to be on lifelong medications. The future is extremely poor! This could have been prevented if she came earlier.
We need to increase awareness of the families about RHD

Bahaa. A story of Humanitarian Help

bahaa3Bahaa is 10 years old and cannot playl because he feels dizzy and falls uncouncoius when he runs fast. He was found to have very abnormal heart beats called ventricular tachycardia.

The treatment is only available in very advanced centers. The family are poor, but caring. A centre in Milan Italy accepted the case to be done for free.

The Great Professor Belladella and his assistant Dr.Sora Nicoleta helped the childe to reach them and they manged to treat Bahaa’s  life threatening disease. He is now perfect, thanks God.

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